Bad News Travels Fast! Meet Outlaw Country Artist Boo Ray

Up-and-coming outlaw country artist Boo Ray has some stories to tell…after releasing his fifth studio album “Sea Of Lights” last summer he now has plans to release more new music in the next few weeks! He also just recorded a brand new album in L.A. over Christmas that will come out later this year and he’s got lots to talk about…see what he has to say here!

Country Music Pride: First off I have to ask; how did you get such a unique name?

Boo Ray: Naw, that’s a fair question. I grew up in the mountains of Western North Carolina but all the women in my family are from Louisiana and have these wild sounding names: Maybo, Tatu, Nini, Bonnycastle & Mamie. So they stuck me with a peculiar handle too. It’s kind of like a “Boy Named Sue” type of thing I suppose. And of course there’s the Louisiana back room card game by the same moniker, which I’ve loved & played since i was a kid. It’s written as a single word, Booray, but I like to pair it as Boo Ray.

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Boo Ray